The unicolour resin floor system consists of solid plain coloured resins which are poured at 3mm.The subtle yet eye-catching shade forms an ideal minimal base that allows other interior attractions to shine. On the other hand, if you decide to go for a bolder and more vibrant colour, the floor then becomes the centre of attention within the room. The unicolour resin flooring is suitable as an aesthetic, decorative and coloured finish on cement, anhydrite and magnesite bound as well as marine plywood or fermacell subfloors. Furthermore, poured polyurethane and epoxy resin floors are available in medium to high build finishes which also includes high gloss, satin or matt top coats. The distributed resin product onto the floor provides a seamless and flawless surface as well as eliminating cleaning and maintenance costs. Not only does it have so many positive benefits, it also contributes to the overall aesthetics and atmosphere of any interior. Moreover, features such as high light reactivity offers the illusion of a mirror light effect which therefore reduces light requirements.Having a suitable flooring installed can massively impact the appearance of a room in a positive way once the right aesthetic touches have been put in place. That’s why we offer and highly recommend unicolour resin floor.

Comfort floor 

Comfort floors are another one out of many beneficial elements that can be added to your resin floor to provide comfort. Comfort resin floor can be equally as beautiful as the standard unicolour system. However, they’ve got additional benefits such as warmth and comfort. Comfort floors can be extremely useful during the winter season when floors are much more prone to the cold weather. The underlay used to create the comfort resin floor is specially designed and manufactured to absorb vibration and reduce noise level. Additionally, once the comfort floor is installed it will result in a seamless flooring finish of between 5mm to 6mm. As previously discussed, once the comfort floor is installed there are many positive features such as, making cleaning and maintenance costs much more manageable as well as providing you with a comfortable walking experience. Comfort flooring is also known for its sound suppressing features not only where the comfort flooring is installed but also in neighbouring rooms.

Comfort floor features 

  • Available in many different colours
  • Weather resistant
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Provides warmth and comfort when walking
  • Sound-insulating

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