Concrete Look

Concrete Look resin floor creates  warmth within the atmosphere with its cool grey tones as a base within your interior. They’re known to be the most suitable type of resin for home flooring. Why is this so? This is because there are multiple benefits including it being crack resistant as well as being able to combine it  with heat installed floors. Moreover, the concrete look colour shades consists of endless and a variety of unique colours that can suit any interior. We achieve these shades by using two colours of polyurethane that are mixed on the surface. This way we are able to achieve a multicoloured surface that creates and mimics the effect of concrete. As a result this creates warmth within the atmosphere and brings all the colours within your interior together. This way there is a smooth transition between all the colours in the room. At 3D Luxury Design we use resins that are comfortable, ethical and safe for both the environment and people.

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