About us

What makes our company 3D Luxury Design stand out from the rest of the companies that deliver the same work as we do is our highly experienced and professionally trained employers. In other words, our aim is to make each and every single one of our customers satisfied with our service and work. Our team consists of highly trained and knowledgeable individuals that are experts all the way from performing the application of the resin floor to giving our customers the best advice regarding designs and products. Equally important, our company which consists of a committed team aims to perform every task to the best of our ability as it is really vital for us to meet the needs of our customers.

Expertise : We know our stuff

Our team consists of experts in the field of flooring. What is so unique about our team is that our employers are all experienced and have been working in the field of flooring for more than 5 years. We take our work seriously therefore the first step to completing our work to a high standard is having successful employers.

Workmanship: we are committed to doing our work the right way first time

Want to complete flooring before a deadline? That’s not a problem because our company completes flooring tasks to high standards even under pressing deadlines. Having a deadline is not an issue for us because we are able to complete the task to the best of our ability as if there was no deadlines.

Service excellence 

One of our most important priorities is that we always meet the needs of our customers. Our company ensures that customer satisfaction is always met to the highest level. We ensure that we are always available to answer any enquiries, questions and client concerns.


The foundation of our company consists of maintaining and following professional ethics as well as having integrity. The main and most important values within our company are honesty, being trustworthy and reliable both in our services that we provide and products that we use.


As previously mentioned our company takes pride in producing the best work to the highest of our ability as well as performing every task with care and caution. Furthermore, the products that we use are ensured to be safe and authentic.


In our company we promote a culture that consists of resilience and diligence  that aims to meet our customers needs. At 3D Luxury Design our goal is to show commitment, enthusiasm and provide excellent service throughout every phase of our work. It is our duty to communicate effectively and efficiently with our customers, shareholders, suppliers, colleagues and communities.

Types of industries we are able to serve 

Our company is able to deliver high quality flooring for various different industries and institutions such as:

  • Warehouse
  • Office
  • School
  • Restaurant
  • Any medical facilities
  • Home
  • Retail store
  • And many more

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