3D Epoxy Flooring

The 3D technology is gaining increasing popularity. The use of  epoxy 3D floor has been increasing in institutions such as shopping malls, halls, offices, homes and apartments due to its creativity and high performance. This is the latest fad in the fancy floor world.Epoxy floor installation process involves laying down a layer of self-levelling primer followed by the desired image. This is then treated with a transparent two-component epoxy or polyurethane to give the perfect image depth. The final step is to then apply a level of protective varnish

3D Epoxy Easy Maintenance

Epoxy floor has no seams, joints, cracks, pores and gaps make the 3D flooring is absolutely resistant to any kind of dirt, dust, water and chemicals.

Visual Effect

The most significant advantage of epoxy floor is the stunning visual effect. In addition to the gorgeous appearance, it can visually solve many problems of the room interior because of the unique aesthetic qualities. By choosing the right 3D floor design, colour and pattern, with the help of self-levelling epoxy coatings you can even visually increase the room space. It can help to implement the infinite imagination of the designer and attracts the eyes endlessly.

Safe and Hygiene Friendly

Epoxy floor does not accumulate dust and do not create a favourable environment for a variety of pathogens / bacteria. Epoxy floor materials used have no odour and corrosive fumes, and are safe for human health, which is mandatory and confirmed by the manufacturer certificates.

Fire resistance

Epoxy / polymers do not burn, it is one of the reasons that the coating is used in manufacturing, warehouses, hospitals, child care centres  and other places where increased control of fire safety are needed.
















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