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There are many advantages when it comes to using resin for your floor. One of the many advantages is that it’s extremely tough and durable. They have a higher compressive strength than concrete which means that they are able to resist much more weight. Therefore the likelihood of damage to occur is much lower than using tiles and vinyl. Resin floors consist of a unique sealer which protects it from contact with water and moisture damage.

Resin floors are a great option for places that require a hygienic floor surface. Many places such as schools, hospitals, kitchens, and food factories have really benefited from resin flooring. The seamless surface prevents dirt from being trapped which as a result makes cleaning tasks simpler and keeping the surface looking new. Additionally, this in return prevents bacteria from being able to grow and spread which is an essential factor for institutions such as hospitals in order to keep their environment extremely clean.


Floor decoration


Living in an area where it is prone to a much colder climate. You would generally want a material which is capable to keep your surroundings warm. Therefore, resin flooring is a great option because it absorbs room temperature which in return helps to maintain a warmer surrounding.

Waterproof and hygiene

Resin flooring is waterproof and incredibly hygienic, which is a suitable option for kitchens, playgrounds, bathrooms and more. The seamlessness of resin floors decreases dust levels which therefore makes the cleaning process much more efficient.

Suitable for kids and pets

Because this type of flooring is much easier to clean. It would be an ideal option to be used in areas such as entrances and hallways where there is a higher risk of staining and damage to occur.